The One Thing You Can Do to Advance and Mitigate Mistakes as a PM

One of the challenges of learning to land an airplane arises when the wind kicks up, especially when the wind is blowing across the runway. But there was one resource that guided me through this important skill...with an application for project managers.

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An Attitude of Risk Management

I was recently struck by an article written by John King in Flying magazine regarding risk management. Are there some lessons in the mindset that project managers need to adopt?

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You are Not the Star

Pilots are an interesting bunch, sometimes with large egos. Sometimes we can be the same way as project managers...

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Playing "What If?"

As I was droning across the sky over Central Virginia my instructor next to me pulled back the power lever to idle. It was a good lesson in proactive risk management.

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The Path to Solo

It was a sunny, clear morning when we finished our training flight and taxied our small two-seat Cessna to the ramp when something unexpected occurred.

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5 Steps to Remove Annoying Habits

During my first check-ride, the examiner pointed out an annoying habit that I had developed which affected my "professionalism." What habits have you picked up as a project manager and leader, and how can you remove them?

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The Crosscheck

How do you know your airplane (or project) is flying straight and level? Through your crosscheck!

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#PMFlashBlog - Project Management around the World – Nashville, Tennessee

I was invited to participate in the #PMFlashBlog. Here is my post on project management around the world (in Nashville, TN).

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Switching Focus

It was one of my worst landings ever. I had trouble lining up with the runway centerline, maintaining a smooth glideslope, and I ended up bounced the wheels onto the ground. The rest of the flight remains one of the highlights of my training time. Project management lessons?

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I'm Back!

It's been a little while, but I'm back to blogging about aviation and project management. Love it! I had to take a break but can't wait to get back into it. I hope you enjoy the new posts!

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